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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Roller 4.0 RC9 installation problem on OAS (OC4J)
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 03:52:53 GMT
On Jan 19, 2008 3:45 PM, Simon Haslam <> wrote:
> Success!!! (I think!) Thanks for the tip Gabe - your workaround got me over
> the 500 error! Thanks too to Dave and the others who have posted
> suggestions.
> So, let me recap what I had to do to install Roller 4.0 from scratch on
> Oracle Application Server and an Oracle 10g database on Linux
> (hopefully I've not forgotten anything):
> 1) unzip Roller, e.g. into your Oracle account's home directory and create a
> WAR file
> 2) create a separate roller_data directory (again I put it in ~oracle), copy
> in the themes directory from Roller and also create empty directories called
> "resources" and "search-index".
> 3) create a file, preferably outside the roller
> deployment directory (at the moment I've got it my jdk classes directory but
> will look to put it somewhere more sensible). The file should contain at
> least the following:
> installation.type=manual
> database.configurationType=jdbc
> database.jdbc.driverClass=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
> database.jdbc.connectionURL=jdbc:oracle:thin:@yourhost:yourport:yoursid
> database.jdbc.username=yourrolleruser
> database.jdbc.password=yourpassword
> mail.configurationType=properties
> mail.hostname=yoursmtphost
> uploads.dir=/home/oracle/roller_data/resources
> themes.dir=/home/oracle/roller_data/themes
> search.index.dir=/home/oracle/roller_data/search-index
> log4j.appender.roller.File=/home/oracle/roller_data/roller.log
> note: there's still work to be done here, e.g. I'd like use container
> managed JNDI connection pooling. The above settings got me running though.
> 4) create a user account on the Oracle database, e.g. sqlplus / as sysdba
> create user yourrolleruser
> identified by yourrollerpassword
> default tablespace users
> temporary tablespace temp
> quota unlimited on users;
> grant create session to yourrolleruser;
> grant create table to yourrolleruser;
> 5) log in to the database as your roller user and run the
> webapp/roller/WEB-INF/classes/dbscripts/oracle/createdb.sql script to create
> the schema objects - check there were no errors.
> 6) log in to the App Server Control console, create a new OC4J container for
> roller (optional but sensible)
> 7) download log4j and put the jar file into the classpath (e.g. cp
> log4j-1.2.15.jar $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/roller/applib)
> 8) deploy the roller app using the default settings (upload the roller.war
> file you created earlier) except untick the Apache.commons.logging 1.0.4
> library. You shouldn't get any errors.
> Now the roller app should have deployed - at this point it would probably be
> sensible to plough through the log file and make sure roller connected to
> the database OK and that the bootstrapping worked.
> The final steps are:
> 9) (note: going to http://yourdomain/roller will give an error as per Gabe's
> ROL-1653). Go to http://yourdomain/roller/roller-ui/menu.rol which gives the
> login screen as well as a link to Register a new user (register.rol). Create
> your first user.
> 10) Now login with that user and create a first blog.
> 11) Click on the "Main Menu" (or maybe you'll already be there) and then the
> "Server Administration" link on the righthand side.
> 12) Scroll down the page and set "Handle of weblog to serve as frontpage
> blog" to the one you just created then click the Save button.
> Now when you click Front Page (or just enter the http://yourdomain/roller
> URL) you should go to your new blog.
> Enjoy!
> Simon
> PS. As Dave pointed out, there may still be issues with the way the Oracle
> JDBC driver handles nulls yet to be resolved when actually using roller.
> Note: this isn't a fault of the database (you wouldn't want it to store an
> empty field as spaces) but a "feature" of their JDBC driver implementation.
> I'll post anything I find as a new thread.

I'm glad to hear you had success and thank you very much for writing
this up. I'm sure other Oracle users will find this very useful.

If you would like to contribute patches or docs (wiki or otherwise) to
make Roller work better with Oracle, please file an Individual
Contributor License Agreement (ICLA) with Apache. Details are here:

- Dave

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