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From Simon Haslam <>
Subject Re: Roller Weblogger startup INCOMPLETE, user interaction required
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2008 11:56:10 GMT
--- steve314159 <> wrote:
> Gabe-
> I tried that. For whatever reason, it defaults to local host. I can't find
>, and I can't find catalina/localhost/ in Tomcat 6.
> Basically, nothing is where I expect or where others describe. My butt is
> kicked; I'm giving up.
> Thanks for the prompt response...
> -Steve 

In my experience you definitely need a properties file - create one called and put it somewhere in your classpath (you could even put it in
jre/classes directory). You can also use it specify your log file location (e.g.

The main thing is that the database connection works properly - if not Roller writes the exception
stack in the log but then it carries on so you may not notice it.

Perhaps try again and post the errors in roller.log here and we'll see if someone can help,


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