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From David Fisher <>
Subject Re: Roller Configuration Advise Request
Date Sat, 12 Jan 2008 05:16:35 GMT
>> Hi Gabe,
>>> Are each domain a separate entity? It is not clear if the domain  
>>> (blog instance) are separate because the users are different or  
>>> they are
>>> separate because they are nodes in a cluster for load balancing  
>>> purposes (thus appearing as one against 1 database)?
>> The domains are separate businesses / product lines with a common  
>> web technology that we have built over the last 6 years.
>> So they are different for business reasons, not technological.  
>> That is why I am not worried about blogs being accessible from the  
>> other, someone will have to work to do so.
>> And no I can't have all the blogs in one domain because some of  
>> our partner's customers must enable javascript explicitly for a  
>> domain.
> In that case would it not be simpler to have complete separate  
> instances of Roller with different Databases for each business entity.
> You can do so in 2 ways.
> 1)Separate instances in the same JVM like so:

That is already my first config. Here is where I had the issue with  
lingering / orphaned HitCountQueueProcessor objects on JVM shutdown.  
I guess I am going to go back to it. I'll sleep on shutdown and then  

> 2)Separate instances in DIFFERENT JVMs installed as ROOT context  
> like so:

Yes, possible except for a characteristic of our webapps where we  
have a large memory cache in each JVM. We also have implemented  
mutlicasting to dirty our cache between each server. It is very  



> -- 
> Regards
> Gabe Wong
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