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From "Claudio Miranda" <>
Subject Re: Issue related to blojsom
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2008 23:38:24 GMT
    Thanks for your tips. I did the migration locally at my laptop,
and it worked very well.
    Besides your tips, I changes the plugins to "Email Scrambler" only
 and added mail configuration to

    I ran it with roller 4 FCS and all WEB-INF/lib libraries.

Thank you very much

Claudio Miranda

On 1/17/08, Angel Vera <> wrote:
> Hi Claudio,
> I recommend you use the one in roller-support. You are going to have to do
> some small modifications to the code, but don't worry it is not that much.
> Because you are the second tester (I was the first one) I encourage you to
> take a look at the code in, but ....:
> ...if you simply don't care, then at the bare minimum you need to modify:
> ..because it contains the category mapping between Blojsom(in numbers) and
> Roller(in names). Currently the categories are hard-coded into the code
> later I am planning to provide a better way of reading mapping the
> categories without having to modify the code.
> You may also need to modify the locale if it is something different, in my
> case I use en_CA.
> You are also going to need to modify the
> as it contains the
> specific location and username(schema) of the derby database.
> So to summarize:
> 1) modify, with the correct categories for your blog
> 2) modify with the proper locale
> 3) modify with the
> properties of your derby database
> 4) shutdown blojsom, backup your derby database files.
> 5) build the migration tool
> 6) modify, for your enviroment
> 7) run the migration tool, I typically run it from inside of my development
> environment, and I have only tested the .bat file. Haven't gotten time to
> work on the shell, but it should work.
> Any improvements or additional help, feel free to ask.

  Claudio Miranda
  Summa Technologies do Brasil -  claudio(o)

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