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From Thinkboy <>
Subject Re: can i set password to protect a particular blog entry ?
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2007 15:24:12 GMT
On 2007-11-26 22:44:57 +0800, Dave <> said:

> On Nov 21, 2007 5:47 AM, Thinkboy <> wrote:
>> I am thinking  how to set a certain blog as private , then whoever
>> trying to view  this entry will be authenticated.
> What if weblog posts had the following levels of privacy:
> - Private: only members of the blog can see the entry
> - Protected: only logged in Roller users can see the entry
> - Public: everybody (including anonymous visitors) can see the entry
> Would that be sufficient?

yes, this is exactly what I am thinking too (private, protected, 
public) . i believe, it is a great feature!

very appreciated that roller community does consider this in the near 
future release.  COOL! . :-D

>> of course, i am not referring the servlet security spec.
>> how about a tag / or extra column for weblog entry.  when we view a
>> page , set a pointcut to verify this special tag,
>> and protect this by acegi .
> We don't do any AOP in Roller, so point-cut is out. And we don't want
> to depend directly on Acegi because Roller should also be able to work
> with Container Manager Authentication (CMA) too.
> I think we could implement the levels of privacy above using the
> Roller 4.1 permission system, plus one additional field on each entry.
> However, the implications on caching and feeds could make things a
> little complex. We'd need to think through those issues very
> carefully.
> Discussions like this should probably happen on the dev list.
> - Dave

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