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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Active Directory integration without manually creating users
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2007 23:08:57 GMT
On Nov 27, 2007 4:01 PM, Ronald Iwema <> wrote:
> In security.xml I configured Roller to user my company's Active Directory
> server for authentication. This currently works, but not completely to my
> satisfaction. I first have to create an user account in Roller. Right after
> that the user can log in with his Active Directory credentials. I would very
> much prefer that creating a user manually would not be neccessary.
> Is anything present in Roller to automatically create a user when someone
> logs in with his AD credentials for the first time? Or is this not a feature
> in Roller?
> PS. After I sort this out, I would like to contribute to the wiki article
> about configuring Roller with LDAP/CAS. I think configuring it with AD might
> be a helpfull addition, since it works a little bit different than LDAP.
> What is the way to do this? Do I send an email or something?

There are a couple of additional properties you could try.

Try setting 'users.sso.autoProvision.enabled' to true. Then, I
believe, if your user is recognized via LDAP Roller will direct you to
the new user registration page and fields will be pre-populated with
data from LDAP properties.


But I haven't done LDAP integration for quite a while so YMMV.

- Dave

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