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From "Rocco Scappatura" <>
Subject Re: Access control for some path of Roller
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2007 07:02:48 GMT

> Sure, you deploy roller on Tomcat, Jetty or on any other Servlet Container
> or even on application server like Geronimo or Glassfish.  When tomcat is
> running on port 8080, you permit only localhost access to localports (8009
> for jk is needed, 8080 is for browser) and leave open apache2 port 80 for
> end users. Then you set up apache2 jk connector to connect to tomcat. And
> then as I wrote in previous post, you setup RedirectMatch in your apache's
> enabled site virutal host.
> Here is Quick HowTo for jk connector for tomcat for impatient
> Personaly I use RedirectMatch for my domain so its redirected to Frontpage
> with summary, but you can redirect it for one single blog. Roller is
> multiuser advanced blogging solution. For single user I would use
> wordpress.

Indeed I'm using Tomcat only. I ve two services. The default one is as it
has been released bundled with the tomcat installation package.

Then I ve defined another service with one connector (bound to 80 port)
and a new engine with an host on wich I run several context (one for every
of my application).

One of this web application is Roller. But is clear that doing so every
one could access to login page for administrative pages and I dislike

I don't know if I'm wrong in something or if yours is the only, and so the
correct, way to plan web application with presentation. By the way, I
would like to say, maybe do I have to switch to a different way to plan a
web service, deploying the logic of a web application running under an
application server and continuing to publish the presentation layer under
a web server? (Just as - I think -  you have stated)

I appreciate any criticism about this argument.



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