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From Dave <>
Subject Re: How does the cache work? (how do I flush cache globally)
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 02:41:36 GMT
On 10/25/07, Fredrik Jonson <> wrote:
> Roller's cache system is a bit too magical for me to grasp,
> could someone point me to any documentation?

The only real docs for the cache system are in the
file, which you can find at the end of the Roller installation guide.
There are notes there about setting cache sizes. The defaults are
suitable for a 100 blog system. You can effectively disable all
caching by putting these in your file:


> Specifically I edit the themes (ccs & velocity files) directly
> in the webapp folder on disk, and sometimes find that the changes
> I make wont be reflected in my browser. Not even a restart of the
> tomcat server will make my changes visible.

I do my template development live in Roller and when I change a
template file, Roller flushes the cache and the changes show up
immediately. Works great most of the time. I have run into some
problems when including one template inside another, but I haven't

I think the problem you are encountering is caused by the Velocity
template engine itself. Roller ships with a
WEB-INF/ file, so you should be able to completely
disable all Velocity caching. Maybe you simply need to edit that file
and turn set the two cache properties that are now true to false. Just
be sure to keep them on in your production servers.

> I'm guessing the cache is on disk (somewhere, where?) and that
> I need to go in and "Flush cache" on every blog to make the changes
> visible.

The cache implementation that ships with Roller is an in-memory cache.

> Is there someway I can flush the cache globally for all blogs?

In the Server Admin pages, there is a Cache Info page where you can
view cache stats, hits/misses and flush global caches.

Hope that helps.

- Dave

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