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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Can't upload files
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 13:38:31 GMT
On 10/17/07, dimitri711 <> wrote:
> Thanks for your answer Dave and Richard.
> I think that is not a problem of permission because i have the same problem
> on xp, vista on a server with ubuntu feisty 7.04 .
> I use on all this system mysql 5 and tomcat 6
> You can see the server on
> you can make a blog and you can see when you go in Create&Edit-> File
> Uploads you browse your picture and after you click on upload and it don't
> work.
> I send to you the log on vista.
>  i have just try to change the uploads.dir in remplace
> uploads.dir=${user.home}/roller_data/uploads
> by uploads.dir=C:/dim/roller_data/uploads
> and the same on search.index
> But it gives the same problem (you can make the picture manualy but not with
> roller)

The log does not seem to include any messages related to file upload.
Can you try this:

1) stop tomcat
2) delete roller.log
3) start tomcat
4) login to Roller
5) upload a file or two
6) send us the log file

Sometimes paths with spaces cause problems for Java. I see that you
have placed your file-upload data in c:\dim\roller_data, which is good
-- but it is possible that having Tomcat under c:\Program Files is the
cause of the problem. I would be interested to know if moving Tomcat
to c:\tomcat solves this problem.

- Dave

- Dave

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