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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Blog cannot be viewed.
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 15:18:52 GMT
On 10/11/07, Steve <> wrote:
> All the blog entries I have added have been succesful.  The are all editable
> and they are all viewable.   Even blogs I have created with test users are
> such,
> My first user created a blog, and added a blog entry.  Plant roller picked
> up the blog, and I display this on a web page of recent blog entries.
> When you click on that listing to go to the users blog, it is as if they
> have no blogs, or blog entries.
> As an admisitrator I can go edit her profile, and I see her  blogs, and I
> see it in the table of contents.  I can edit the entry.  But when I click
> the view button against the entry nothing shows, I did not get a list of her
> recent entries.  Click the Weblog Directory I don't see any blogs for hers.
> It is as if the blog is not to be published.

> What is happeing that is incorrect.
> MYSQL 4.1
> Tomvat 5.5

What version of Roller?
What theme is the user using?

- Dave

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