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From Joe Meadows <>
Subject Re: Prevent user from deleting blog
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 19:34:31 GMT

> I don't know of any way to config Roller to support that. Modifying
> Roller to support that would almost certainly require a Java code
> change (and thus require a new build). One possible work-around is to
> disable weblog removal by removing the delete option from the Weblog
> Settings page, that would only require a JSP change, which you could
> potentially do yourself without creating your own custom build.
> - Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your help.  The JSP change would be easy but my concern with 
that is that someone could hack around it by entering in the correct 
URL, or would that not be possible with Roller?  I'm already setup to 
build Roller from source and don't mind making Java changes, so long as 
it's not too huge of a project.  I should probably ask this on the 
developers' list, but if you've got a quick pointer to where the change 
should be code I'd be grateful.

BTW, I was thinking that alternative would be to have the username as 
part of the path, then they could create as many blogs as they like 
which would be accessible in for form of 
http:/  In fact that might be nicer than 
just allowing one hardcoded blog per user, does that sound reasonable?

Thank you,

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