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From Jeffrey Blattman <>
Subject Re: Status of adminapi in 4.0?
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 18:55:48 GMT

yes, this is what you want.

basically, it's disabled by default because it provides another way to 
obtain administrative access to the server. if the service isn't needed 
it's just prudent to disable it. the second issue is that the service 
isn't used by most roller deployments. i think the community wanted to 
give it some time to gel before making it a prime time feature.

feel free to use it, but consider it beta quality software.

just to clear up your confusion when looking at the docs., the name 
started out as "atom admin publishing protocol", then changed to "roller 
adminapi", or RAP.

Fredrik Jonson wrote:
> Hi, 
> I'm using roller 4.0rc as a part of a game site, and it would be very
> convenient for me to be able to create web blogs and users from a
> external webapp (where I keep the rest of the site administration), 
> instead of manually setting them up from the roller-ui jsp interface. 
> The adminapi that I've seen mentioned in presentations and the dev
> mailinglist seems like a perfect match. Now, I've read that it's
> disabled by default, so I wonder, is that still correct, and if so why?
> And what's the status of the adminapi (rap?) in roller 4.0? What
> precausions do I need to put in place to put it in use "in production"?
> My other alternative would be to enter users and weblogs by accessing 
> the database, and IMHO that seems to be a way less proper way than
> using an ever so experimental adminapi. Or, am I wrong?
> Any pointers to relevant documentation (oh, btw did I mention that
> roller's install documentation is great!!!) and adminapi discussion would 
> be appreciated.

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