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From Dave <>
Subject Re: 3967 errors: compile roller for Debian install to replace Blojsom blog
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2007 03:27:57 GMT
On 9/29/07, david <> wrote:
> Hello everybody and thanks for the reply. I am giving up on the compile though I know
a .war will deploy more readily than creating the ./rollor.war but I have no choice. The curiosity
I have now follows:
> NoClassDefFoundError: org/acegisecurity/providers/encoding/ShaPasswordEncoder
> The above exception is generated when I put the following jar into the CLASSPATH:
> -c myserver -b -C /usr/local/apache-roller-3.1/webapp/roller/WEB-INF/lib/velocity-dep-1.4.jar

I'm not sure what you are trying to do. What step of the installation
instructions are you following here? What app server and database are
you deploying to?

You'll have the best luck if you download a Roller release and follow
the instructions in the Installation Guide to install on Tomcat and

- Dave

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