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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Help noob with rome propono !!
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2007 12:27:57 GMT
On 9/12/07, Dudee <> wrote:
> Thanks for all the help, but it's still not working.
> I use all the jar-files from your download but I get a new error on the last
> line of code:
> Exception in thread "main"
> com.sun.syndication.propono.utils.ProponoException: ERROR HTTP
> status-code=500 status-line: HTTP/1.1 500
> org.apache.roller.weblogger.webservices.atomprotocol.AppModuleImpl cannot be
> cast to com.sun.syndication.propono.atom.common.rome.AppModule

Sounds like you are mixing Roller jars in with your client-side jars.
You should not have "org.apache.roller" packages in your client
program's classpath.

What jars are you putting on the classpath when you run your client program?

- Dave

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