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From "Guy Katz" <>
Subject [OT] apache front for roller (was: roller 3.1 posts links system problem)
Date Sun, 26 Aug 2007 15:08:19 GMT

Well it turned out that the problem was that the apache front end was
configured in a way that impacted the URI such that when it got to
roller is was different (thanks to roller debug for the conclusion).


As I need all the help I can get. I would like to hear if someone had
the same difficulties deploying roller 3.1 new post URLs system and
maybe can share his solutions and ideas with me.


I have posted a question to tomcat mailing list that describes my
problem. Here it is (any feedback would be great):


Hi; (using: centos, apache 2.0.52, mod_jk 1.2.21, tomcat 6)


Recently, I encountered a problem with URIs that has 'non western
European' characters (for example:
). I noticed that apache was forwarding to tomcat a different URI than
the original which caused problems in my site.


Digging into the subject I found the JkOptions +ForwardURICompatUnparsed
fixed my problem. However, I then encountered a different problem then.
On the first hit, some images were not displayed in the browser (not
served to it). So I checked the forums and found out about the
JkStripSession. I figured it might help so I turned it on but nothing


My questions are:

Should the JkStripSession help in this case? Was there a known bug in my
apache/mod_jk versions related to this (couldn't find in bugzilla)? 

How should I solve this? The only thing I need is to be able to forward
URIs with 'special characters' as is to tomcat for a specific
application (context) 


I am really out of my element here so I would appreciate your help


Thanks in advance


Related forum topic I found:


The configuration I thought would work but had the image loading

JkMount /* ajp13

JkStripSession On


JkOptions +ForwardURICompatUnparsed




-----Original Message-----
From: Guy Katz [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 5:08 PM
Subject: RE: roller 3.1 posts links system problem


My next step is to put a clean roller 3.1 install (not an upgraded one)

and see if I get the same problem

I will send an update then.

Thanks for the help.



-----Original Message-----

From: Dave [] 

Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 4:34 PM


Subject: Re: roller 3.1 posts links system problem


On 8/23/07, Guy Katz <> wrote:

> I have a strange problem when trying to deploy on centOS/tomcat 6


> 3.1 with mysql5 connector-j5 (UTF8 DB and tomcat connector set to



> On my dev PC I have the same roller 3.1 with the same exact DB and

> everything works fine.


> On the centos the specific post links do not work if they include

> special characters (see example below).


This is pretty mysterious. If your database and Tomcat configurations

are the same, then I cannot understand why the OS would make any




> Also, there is an exception throws (The stack trace below does not say

> much so I can't understand the problem).


That horrible exception just means that Roller has returned a 404 (and

yes, I know, 404s should not cause such exceptions -- I'm working on

fixing that now).


- Dave

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