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From "Guy Katz" <>
Subject RE: migration problems (2.3 to 3.1)
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 11:26:15 GMT
Thanks for the help.
I remarked the problematic line that caused the problem in the upgrade
script (the creation of the 'locale' column - it was already there) but
the problem persisted (see below what I did).

Here's more info. After the upgrade, if I choose an existing blog (one
that I had in the 2.3 DB) as the main page, the main page would not
display (error 404). If I create a new blog and set it as the FrontPage
with feed aggregation enabled than I can see all the old blogs posts in
the FrontPage but not as individual blogs (error 404)

Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

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From: Eric Wittle [] 
Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 2:03 PM
Subject: Re: migration problems (2.3 to 3.1)


The problem is likely that your database migration was incomplete  
because of the error you mention getting when running the migration  
scripts; it would help if you specify which database you're using. At  
least for mysql, the script will stop executing on the first  
statement that throws an error, and therefore the rest of the  
migration script doesn't execute.

Take a look in the migration script 240-to-300-migration.sql and run  
the sql statements that are present AFTER the statement that adds the  
locale field. In the mysql scripts at least, this includes the  

-- add new column which holds the hidden status for a page, default  
is false
     alter table webpage add column hidden tinyint(1) default 0 not  

-- add new column which holds the hidden status for a page, default  
is false
     alter table webpage add column navbar tinyint(1) default 0 not  
update webpage set navbar=1;
update webpage set navbar=0 where name like '\_%';

-- add new column which holds the template language used for a page
-- then set template language to velocity for all templates
     alter table webpage add column templatelang varchar(20) default  
update webpage set templatelang = 'velocity';

-- add new column which holds the decorator for a page
-- then set value to _decorator for all templates except decorators
     alter table webpage add column decorator varchar(255) default null;
update webpage set decorator = '_decorator' where name <> '_decorator';

I would strongly recommend you take a database backup before trying  
this (since I'm a roller user not a developer; my answer could be  
incomplete). If you're using multiple locales, it would also be a  
good idea to see if the index that this script creates on the locale  
field is present in your database or not; if it isn't present, you  
should run the index creation statement on the locale field in your  
database as well. A missing index won't break roller, but it might  
make it slower.


On Aug 20, 2007, at 5:24 AM, Guy Katz wrote:

> Hi; (using mysql5 and upgrading roller 2.3 to 3.1)
> I have having some migration problems and hope someone can help.
> My situation is pretty simple to describe:
> After the migration process of the DB when starting roller I get a  
> page
> stating that I need to choose the FrontPage blog (makes sense), after
> that I was able to access the front page and I even see it as an
> aggregation of all other blogs (I enabled this option via the server
> administration form).
> However, I cannot access individual blogs or posts.
> For example for the blog with handle 'someName' I cannot access it  
> with
> 'http://localhost:8081/roller3_1/someName' as I get a http error  
> status
> 404. The weird thing is that I do see 'someName' posts on the  
> aggregated
> front page.
> Any suggestions or directions?
> P.S: when running one of the upgrade script (240-to-300- 
> migration.sql) I
> did have the following error but I did not know if it was significant.
> ERROR 1060 (42S21): Duplicate column name 'locale'
> Thanks in advance.

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