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From "Andrew Smalera" <>
Subject Re: Load Balancing installation
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2007 22:02:30 GMT
Glad I can perhaps contribute something here since the list has been so 
valuable to me.

I have recently had Roller deployed to a high availability environment.  My 
understanding (from what the datacenter folks tell me) is that the HA 
configuration part of things is a load balancer in front of 2 boxes, each 
with Apache, mod_jk, and Tomcat 5.0.  Behind that is an Oracle RAC DB (2 
boxes also).  I'm not sure what load balancing method is being used.  So far 
it seems to be running fine.

some things I've noticed are:

1 - If you're changing some core settings (like front page blog handle I 
believe) you'll want to restart the web app in Tomcat on the other server 
for it to pick it up
2 - I deployed Roller as a unpacked directory vs. a WAR file and pointed 
both servers at a shared location, seems to be working fine no competing for 
resources etc.
3 - I set the file uploads directory to also be the same folder at a shared 
location which I believe will eliminate the issue of one server uploading 
the file and the other one not seeing it..  so I'd suggest doing that.

We just deployed a few days ago so if I see anything else useful to relay I 
will post it.


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From: "Wladimir Boton" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 2:12 PM
Subject: Load Balancing installation

> Hi, How do I install Roller Weblogger in a Load Balacing infrastructure?
> I would like to install Roller in two machines. Thought round robin DNS or
> hardware load balance device the user should be able to access either one
> and see the same posts and comments.
> I think that I should install Tomcat using load balance with JK or
> mod_proxy. But and about Roller itself? It is prepared to share the same
> database? And about sharing the post images?
> I googled this subject and didn't find useful information.
> Someone can help?
> -- 
> Wladimir Boton

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