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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Blog Client API for Roller
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2007 19:11:56 GMT
On 8/31/07,
<> wrote:

> Which is the best and tested Client API which works with Roller ? I am
> looking for API which performs the following functionalities  with the
> Roller.

None of the web services APIs are all that well tested. Atom protocol
is probably the best of the lot. Much of this will improve in 4.1
because my personal focus is all about APIs and integration for 4.1
(thus the user management, tag data API, search API, etc.).

> *       Getting all the Blog Contents and their associated Entries

Roller's Atom protocol interface can do this.

> *       Getting the Most Popular Tags

A new Tag Data API is coming in 4.1

> *       User Authentication in the Roller

Roller Admin Protocol can get list of users.

> *       New User Registration in the Roller

Roller Admin Protocol can register new users.

> *       Writing the Comments to the Blog Entry

Currently no API supports this.

> *       Searching the Blog Entry.

We're planning on adding OpenSeach API support for 4.1.

- Dave

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