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From Dave <>
Subject Re: paging through a large weblog entry
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2007 00:29:02 GMT
On 8/27/07, Toby Hobson <> wrote:
> Could anyone tell me if it's possible to implement paging for a large weblog entry?
> Basically I've just written a long entry about java performance and i'd like to divide
> it into 3 pages with a fourth page used for any comments. Ideally i'd like a
> next/previous link at the bottom of the pages. I'm sure this can be done using
> the templates but I just don't know how! I'm using roller 3.1

I'm not sure that there is any easy way (or any way at all) to do that
with our existing model objects and macros. Why not break it up into
four blog entries?

- Dave

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