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From Dave <>
Subject Re: roller 3.1 posts links system problem
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2007 13:33:41 GMT
On 8/23/07, Guy Katz <> wrote:
> I have a strange problem when trying to deploy on centOS/tomcat 6 roller
> 3.1 with mysql5 connector-j5 (UTF8 DB and tomcat connector set to UTF8)
> On my dev PC I have the same roller 3.1 with the same exact DB and
> everything works fine.
> On the centos the specific post links do not work if they include
> special characters (see example below).

This is pretty mysterious. If your database and Tomcat configurations
are the same, then I cannot understand why the OS would make any

> Also, there is an exception throws (The stack trace below does not say
> much so I can't understand the problem).

That horrible exception just means that Roller has returned a 404 (and
yes, I know, 404s should not cause such exceptions -- I'm working on
fixing that now).

- Dave

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