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From Dave <>
Subject Re: integrating roller user management with a portal user management
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2007 14:21:56 GMT
On 8/20/07, Guy Katz <> wrote:
> I want to integrate roller inside a portal where user management is done
> by the portal.
> The user registration code resides in the portal such that when a user
> decides to register for the portal, a new user is created for it both in
> the user DB in the portal and then in roller as well.
> Is there a nice way to integrate with roller to achieve this? I can
> always just do SQL to the DB but I'd rather use some kind of a roller
> mechanism or classes. I can probably have access to Roller's servlet
> context from my portal application (deployed on the same tomcat) by
> configuring roller 'crossContext=true' in tomcat.
> Are there any objects (such as user manager) in the roller servlet
> context that I can retrieve and use in order to trigger a 'new user'
> command?
> What are the integration methods that are available as an option in such
> a situation?

Let's see. You could:

- Use the Roller Admin Protocol (RAP) to provision a new Roller user
everytime one is added to the Portal.

- Write a new JSP page for Roller that will respond to (authenticated)
requests to create new users in Roller. The JSP page would call the
UserManager.addUser() method. Then call that page from your Portal

- Wait for Roller 4.1's new extensible user management, then plugin
your own user manager.

Hope that helps.

- Dave

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