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From Dave <>
Subject Re: example config for using CAS for SSO with Roller
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2007 02:11:48 GMT
On 8/11/07, Phillip Rhodes <> wrote:
> A few extra note and points of clarification... anybody who's
> trying to implement SSO probably already understands these
> issues (or at least these kinds of issues) but just in case it
> will help somebody:

Thanks for posting these notes Phillip.

> This configuration still uses the same roller database tables
> and information for authorization.  That is, after a user is
> authenticated using CAS, the code will try to look that username
> up in the roller db, in order to set the authorities for the
> user.  Additionally, I imagine the Roller code - at some level - expects
> entries in whichever table it uses for user information so it can
> maintain associations between a given user and their blog, etc.

I hope to be breaking some of those associations in 4.1 and make it
possible to externalize Roller's user and permissions management.
Check the proposal here:

- Dave

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