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From Dave <>
Subject Re: Some error happend
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2007 01:44:02 GMT
On 8/9/07, Nike Freeman <> wrote:
> thanks for reply.and i have known the reason of the wrong .
> 1. i havenot change the jdbc-config in the roller.propertise.

That is incorrect. Please refer to the Roller 3.1 installation guide.
With Roller 3.1 the *only* place you need to specify your database
configuraition is in your Tomcat context configuration file.

> 2. i havenot put the roller.tld into the correct directory .

That should also be unnecessary. There should be no need to move the
roller.tld from its original location.

> i can startup the Roller when i done that.

I don't Roller is really starting up correctly for you.

> but new question appeared.
> i cant register anyuser. error is :  I'm sorry, but the administrator of
> this site has turned off new user registrations.
> how can i do??

That error means that your database connection is still not configured

- Dave

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