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From "Keith Irwin" <>
Subject Re: adding editors to roller 3.1?
Date Sat, 04 Aug 2007 23:52:06 GMT
On 8/4/07, Dave <> wrote:
> On 8/4/07, Keith Irwin <> wrote:
> > However, I see in the following:
> >
> >  # The list of configured WeblogEntryEditors available to users
> > plugins.weblogEntryEditors=\
> > org.apache.roller.ui.core.plugins.TextEditor,\
> > org.apache.roller.ui.core.plugins.XinhaEditor
> >
> > This suggests that I need to write a plugin in order for these additional
> > editors to be added in to the list.  Is that correct?  Is that the only way
> > to get the "old" editor back?

> What do you mean by the "old" editor? The TextEditor as the old editor, no?

Hi Dave--

I meant the Rich Text Editor that was included in the 3.0 version of
the application, the one not based on Xinha.

I ended up solving the problem, though:

  * Checked out the editoraddins via CVS from

 * Copied the directory to roller_ui/authoring/editors

  * Write a plugin implementing the WeblogEditor interface

 * Compiled and installed it in WEB-INF/classes

 * Added to the property list quoted above

 * Restarted, and (I think) I have the 3.0 rich text editor working
(along with the others that come stock with Roller 3.1).

Thing is, I never used the old editor, so I'm not sure if it actually
really worked.  I sent a note to the IE 6 user who was having
problems, so hopefully he'll report back on Monday letting me know if
he had any issues.

I was thinking that actually having to add to the code base via a java
class to get an alternate editor installed was the "hard" way.  Is
there something easier that I just somehow missed?


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