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From Andrew Stevens <>
Subject RE: Struggling to get Roller 3.1 running on Websphere 6.0
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2007 06:34:43 GMT

> From:
> Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 13:38:41 -0700
> "Incompatible argument to method" sounds like you have the wrong version of
> Hibernate somewhere. From just that little tidbit of information, I would
> say that you either:
> a) Downloaded and installed the wrong version of Hibernate, or
> b) Have another, incompatible, version of hibernate somewhere on the server
> for some other purpose that the classloader is finding before it finds
> yours. (look in ${server_home}/lib or ${server_home}/lib/ext)
> Did you download Hibernate yourself from their site, or did you get it from
> the Roller support site on  Not sure it's Hibernate that's the problem, though, as the line that's throwing
the exception is

                strategy = new HibernatePersistenceStrategy(

which of course is - not
a Hibernate class nor even a subclass of one...

For the sake of thoroughness, though, I've run a "jar tvf *.jar | grep hibernate" in $WAS_HOME/lib,
$WAS_HOME/java/jre/lib and $WAS_HOME/java/jre/lib/ext ($WAS_HOME/lib/ext is empty) but drew
a blank in all cases.

Some further info - I tried deploying the same .war file into Tomcat, and it appears to start
up fine.


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