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From Ryan de Laplante <>
Subject Re: Ready for a 3.1.1 release candidate?
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2007 15:36:52 GMT

>> Ok so let's walk through a scenario.  Lets say that I'm interested in
>> the Yellow Theme for my blog.  I choose the Yellow Theme and click the
>> save button.  I do not want to make any customizations, I just want to
>> use it as-is.   Now I go to my blog webpage and see a bunch of un-styled
>> text, with no graphics.  This is not what the theme designer intended.
>> Why is this expected behavior?
> If that is happening there is a bug and we need to find it and fix it,
> but we're gonna need your help because I cannot duplicate the problem
> you describe.
> When I pick a theme and click "save" all resources are available via
> resource/<blog-handle> style paths. The resource servlet correctly
> determines that the theme is shared and serves the resources from the
> shared themes directry. And, when I click "customize" to customize the
> theme, the resources are copied correctly.
I have created a blog account for you on my server and will email the 
login information directly to you.


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