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From Henrik Martin <>
Subject Email notifications don't seem to work
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 03:16:50 GMT

Hi. I've set up Roller as the blog server for my band's web site. I
followed the installation documentation for how to get Roller up and
running in Tomcat 5.5.X and things seem to be working for the most
part. I've created a couple of blogs, and registered a couple of
users. I've set the administrative user's email address and configured
the blogs to allow comments. I can add comments, and they show up as
pending moderation in the UI.  However, I never get an email sent to
my administrative email address.  I don't see any exceptions in the
log files, nor do I see any failed attempts to send an email.

The mail server is running on the same machine, and I'm able to telnet
to port 25 without problems. I'm also running other applications in
the same JVM that Tomcat runs on that are successfully sending emails
using the JavaMail API using the same mail server. The mail server log
file reveals no connections from localhost. My administrative email
address works fine, because I can send email to it both from the
server itself and from the outside.

Here's a summary of my environment:

OS: OpenSuSE Linux 10.2
Mail server: Postfix 2.3
Web server: Tomcat 5.5.12 (I know, I ought to upgrade)
JDK: 1.5.0_11-b03
Roller: 3.0 incubating

I've set the debugging flag on the blog admin page, but haven't really
seen anything related to email notifications. Any tips are highly
appreciated. Thanks,


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