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From Allen Gilliland <>
Subject Re: Ready for a 3.1.1 release candidate?
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2007 06:52:44 GMT

Ryan de Laplante wrote:
>> Optional themes use incorrect $url method
> I have a question about this bug.  If I add 10 themes to Roller, I am 
> able to choose any one of them for my blog from the admin section.  
> However, none of the graphics or CSS files are copied to my user data 
> directory which makes the theme useless.  I have to copy the files 
> manually.
> Your last comment in this ticket says:
>> I tested $url.resource() with shared, preview and customized themes 
>> and it worked fine everytime. When customizing a theme, the theme 
>> resources are automatically and correctly copied into the weblog's 
>> file upload area. 
> I get the impression that if you want to use a theme with graphics and 
> CSS (every one of them), then after selecting the theme you have to 
> click the Customize button to have it copy the files.  
> I don't understand why Roller was changed to use $url.resource instead 
> of $url.themeResource, but a change was not made to automatically copy 
> the required files to the user's data directory?  Basically this has 
> broken every theme unless the user knows to click "Customize".

I think you just have the wrong concept of how the themes work and what 
is supposed to be happening.  What you described is the expected behavior.

When a blog is using a theme other than 'custom' then it's using a 
shared theme, meaning that there is only one copy of all the theme files 
and they are shared by all blogs using that theme.  In this case you are 
not supposed to have a copy of the files.

When you 'customize' a theme you are copying all of the pieces of the 
theme into your blog so that you can edit them if you please.  This is 
the only time when the files from a theme are supposed to be copied into 
a blog.

The use of $url.themeResource was EOLed because it isn't needed, the 
same thing can be accomplished by $url.resource.  $url.themeResource is 
also very poorly designed and inappropriate because it builds urls to 
resources outside of the weblog that is in context and you don't want 
that because it causes backwards compatibility nightmares.

-- Allen

> Thanks,
> Ryan

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