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From Gary Kephart <>
Subject Re: Referers count
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2007 15:03:37 GMT
Gary Kephart wrote:

> Running Apache Roller 3.1 on W2K and JBoss 4.0.4.
> The Referer list shows up, but there's no count next to it like there 
> was on Roller 1.0.
> How do I fix this? 

Found the answer to this. If you look in WEB-INF/velocity/weblog.vm, 
you'll see the macro "showReferrersList" defined. Within that macro, it 
references the boolean variable $includeHits. That variable is not found 
anywhere else, and so is permanently set to false. In Roller 1.0, it was 
a parameter to the macro. So I added it back in like so:

#macro(showReferrersList $refs $max $maxWidth $includeHits)

Then, you have to go to Preferences:Templates and edit your weblog file. 
For me, this was Gary's Weblog. In there, it calls the above macro, and 
you have to pass it in a value for $includeHits, like so:

    #showReferrersList($refs 30 20 true)



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