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From Andrew Scott <>
Subject RE: Anyone installed roller onto JRun?
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2007 04:24:26 GMT
First of all,

I just want to say that I have Roller working on one server with Tomcat. This is not an ideal
situation, so if you do not know how to install Roller on JRun then please do not respond.

I have posted here because this is a Roller mailing list, the other mailing is a Coldfusion
mailing list and the likely hood of someone having done what I would like to do is slim.

I do not want to install onto Tomcat because it is not an Application server, it does not
handle clustering nor does it handle multiple instances.

If I had problems installing on Tomcat I would have posted that, but I have followed the outdate
installation notes and got Roller working on Tomcat, but that is not my ideal situation.

Andrew Scott
Senior Coldfusion Developer
Aegeon Pty. Ltd.
Phone: +613  8676 4223
Mobile: 0404 998 273

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From: [] On Behalf Of Matt Raible
Sent: Wednesday, 20 June 2007 2:16 PM
Subject: Re: Anyone installed roller onto JRun?

It looks like you've asked this elsewhere and received similar advice:

Your best best at this point is probably to try and run Roller on JRun and
see what errors you get. Here's the 10 steps to installing Roller 3.1 on

   1. Download Roller 3.1 from
   2. Download Hibernate and other JARs from
   3. Copy JARs from download into apache-roller-3.1
   4. Download and Install Java 5 from
   5. Download and install MySQL 5 from
   6. Create database with files in WEB-INF/dbscripts:
   mysqladmin -u root -p create roller
   cd webapp/roller/WEB-INF/dbscripts/mysql
   mysql -u root -p roller < createdb.sql
   7. Download and install Tomcat 6 from
   8. Copy apache-roller-3.1/webapp/roller to $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/ROOT
   9. Copy activation.jar, mail.jar and
   mysql-connector-java-5.0.3-bin.jar to $CATALINA_HOME/lib (common/lib
   for Tomcat 5.x)
   10. Create ROOT/META-INF/context.xml with the following contents:

   <Context path="" reloadable="false" antiJARLocking="true"
       antiResourceLocking="false" allowLinking="true">

       <Resource name="jdbc/rollerdb" auth="Container"
                 maxActive="20" maxIdle="10" maxWait="100"
                 username="root" password=""

       <Resource name="mail/Session" auth="Container"
       "localhost" />

Start Tomcat and create your weblog at http://localhost:8080

OK - maybe that's 11 steps. ;-)


On 6/19/07, Jeffrey Blattman <> wrote:
> tomcat is not an application server, it's a servlet + jsp container,
> which in general terms means it consumes quite a bit fewer resources.
> Andrew Scott wrote:
> > Because JRun is already installed on the server, and I would strongly
prefer to only use one Application Server if I can help it.
> >
> > I thought I said rather than install another Application Server?
> >
> >
> > Andrew Scott
> > Senior Coldfusion Developer
> > Aegeon Pty. Ltd.
> >
> > Phone: +613  8676 4223
> > Mobile: 0404 998 273
> >
> >
> >
> >


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