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From Allen Gilliland <>
Subject Re: Hardware reqs, AD/LDAP
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 18:04:22 GMT

Kirk Halyk wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am looking to use roller potentially for a corporate blog site. We would have
> say ~250 users in total. I am hoping we can stick with an open source solution
> and products from the apache foundation have a good track record.
> That said I have a few questions that will help me determine if roller is an
> appropriate solution for us. Any info that anyone can provide would be
> appreciated.
> 1) Given the user base above, what typically would I be looking at for hardware
> reqs? The install/setup docs did not provide some typical scenarios...

Hardware is a fairly personal choice for many people because it depends 
a lot on what you can afford, what platforms you prefer, etc.  I'm not 
sure exactly what you mean by ~250 users so that would affect the 
decision a little bit.  If you mean you plan to have ~250 blogs then the 
truth is that's not the real determining factor when it comes to 
performance for the application, the real factor is how much traffic you 
expect to have accessing those blogs.

You could have only 50 blogs on an installation, but if they were each 
receiving millions of hits a day that would put notable stress on the 
application, however you could also have 1000 blogs each getting a few 
thousand hits a day and the application wouldn't even blink.  So when 
you are considering hardware I would think more about load in terms of 
traffic (# of requests/hits, etc) rather than # of blogs or users.

That being said, we run on a pair of Sun Fire T2000 
servers and host over 3300 blogs generating a little over 200K hits a 
day and our servers are hardly working.  So you shouldn't need a whole 
lot of hardware to run your installation.

> 2) Anyone running roller as a guest in VMWare? If so any issues?

nope, haven't tried that.

> 3) How mature is Active Directory integration via the Acegi module and are there
> any docs out there on integrating AD/LDAP with roller for SSO? If found a few
> references to doing SSO with roller and apparently there are some gotchas with
> how roller and an LDAP play along:

I don't have any experience with Active Directory myself so I couldn't 
really answer this, but in general Acegi does offer a very pluggable 
framework for integrating with identity systems.  So even if their out 
of the box support for AD isn't that great it shouldn't require too much 
code to write your own modules to integrate Roller with AD.

> although the one document relates to the 2.3 version of roller.

yeah, that would need to be updated then.

> Again if anyone has any info to share I'd really appreciate it.

I don't know what your timeline is but Roller 4.0 will hopefully be 
released this summer and should offer a very solid platform for you.

-- Allen

> Thx!
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