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From Gary Kephart <>
Subject Re: roller 4.0 release date
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2007 17:36:47 GMT
Gary Kephart wrote:

> Dave wrote:
>> On 5/25/07, Gary Kephart <> wrote:
>>> > I've been meaning to start a "Status of Roller 4.0" thread on the
>>> > development mailing-list, so thanks for the kick.
>>> >
>>> > It would be helpful if everybody who proposed work or fixes for 
>>> Roller
>>> > 4.0 would update the Roller 4.0 release proposal to reflect the 
>>> status
>>> > of their proposals. I'll try to make a pass over the proposal by some
>>> > time this weekend.
>>> >
>>> > The current proposal is here:
>>> > 

>>> Sorry, but I haven't been looking at your list of TODOs so I don't know
>>> what all you have planned in upcoming releases. However, I'm interested
>>> in being able to crosspost to LiveJournal, MySpace, etc. I'm a Java
>>> developer, and if you don't have that coming up, I was going to take a
>>> look into it on my own.
>> I think what you are proposing is the use the Roller weblog editor as
>> a blog client to other systems. That's probably a lot of work and I'm
>> not sure you'll have a lot of luck contributing that back to Roller.
>> Plus, as far as I know LiveJournal and MySpace don't support  standard
>> web services API for posting. You might want to take another approach.
>> I created a cross-poster for RSS and Atom in Action (chapter 13). It's
>> a command-line program that designed to be run every night (via cron
>> or as a Windows Scheduled Task). It's designed for folks who have
>> multiple "secondary" blogs and a "primary" one. You configure it to
>> check each of your secondary blogs, collect all posts made in the past
>> day and then re-post them to your primary blog. You can get the
>> source, build script, etc. in the Blogapps 2.x examples
>> (
>> Cross-poster can read from any blog that provides an RSS or Atom feed.
>> And it uses ROME Propono blog client library so it can post to any
>> blog server that support the MetaWeblog API or Atom protocol (I don't
>> think LiveJournal or MySpace support either of those protocols). Would
>> something like that work for you? 
> Not really. That assumes that all of my potential readers come to my 
> site to read my blog. They don't. I have MySpace and LiveJournal 
> friends who won't bother to come to my site to read my blog. Out of 
> sight, out of mind. Ergo, what I really need is a way to publish my 
> blog as broadly as possibly. If the mountain won't come to Mohammad, 
> etc. I want to post to my blog on my server, and have the posts 
> replicated on other blog servers.
> All I really need is a hook into the system so that when a blog entry 
> is published, some event is sent out to all of the subscribers 
> (plugins). I then need a way to register those plugins.
> Here is an example of a crossposter from WordPress to LiveJournal.

More info:
Just for fun, I think I'm going to create a crosspost server. You go 
there, make a list of the sites to which you want to crosspost, and then 
have your blog software (e.g. Roller) post to this server just once and 
it will then crosspost wherever you listed.
Also found this:



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