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From dstruck <>
Subject Executing custom Java code when comments are added to a weblog entry
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 20:13:39 GMT

I'm looking to set up a weblog and I have a particular interest in tracking
when comments are made and who makes them. Pebble
( claims to provide "Comment Listeners" that
"let you write Java code that is called when comments are added, removed,
approved and rejected." Ideally, this is what I'm looking for (provided the
listener is handed the pertinent information about the comment, in my case,
who made the comment and what blog entry the comment was for).

For my weblog, I'd prefer to use Roller because it is an Apache project,
it's well-documented, etc. So I'm wondering if Roller provides any
functionality similar to what Pebble claims to provide. If not, I'm open to
considering alternatives that might duplicate the functionality I desire.

The first possibility I notice is Roller provides the ability to set up
email notifications for comments. It wasn't clear to me though exactly how
this is set up. If I set up my own Roller server, how do I configure it to
turn on email notifications. Furthermore, will the emails give me the
information I want (again, who made the comment and what blog entry the
comment was for)?

The next possibility might be to use a pull operation (as opposed to the
above options which would provide push functionality). Roller supports the
Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs and also provides some level of support for the
Atom API. From what I can tell, the Blogger and MetaWeblog APIs don't have a
notion of comments. Is this accurate? Also, from what I can tell, though
Atom does have a notion of comments, the Roller implementation of it does
not. Is this accurate? If I'm wrong on either of these points, then I think
I could retrieve all the comments for each weblog entry and diff the results
against my local data model. It wouldn't be ideal but it wouldn't be too
ugly either.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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