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From Matt Topper <>
Subject Planet Reader Troubleshooting
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 21:58:00 GMT
I'm new to the list and not really finding a search for the mailing list 
archives, so I appologize if this has been covered before. But...

I've setup roller 3.0 with the planet aggregator as listed in the user 
guide.  No problems so far.  The site comes up, the default roller blog 
for the aggregator appears, but the problem is that I'm not getting any 
of the external entries to display.

When I hit the "Refresh Entries" button I get the following error in my 
roller.log file:

INFO  2007-05-03 17:45:14,640 HibernatePlanetManagerImpl:refreshEntries -    0 - 0.0020 seconds
to process (0) entries of

INFO  2007-05-03 17:45:14,641 HibernatePlanetManagerImpl:refreshEntries -    0 - 0.0 seconds
to process (0) entries of

INFO  2007-05-03 17:45:14,642 DiskFeedInfoCache:getFeedInfo - Cache MISS!

ERROR 2007-05-03 17:45:16,040 HibernatePlanetManagerImpl:getNewEntries - ERROR processing
subscription entry


        at org.apache.roller.pojos.PlanetEntryData.initFromRomeEntry(

        at org.apache.roller.pojos.PlanetEntryData.<init>(





        at EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent.PooledExecutor$ Source)


INFO  2007-05-03 17:45:16,059 HibernatePlanetManagerImpl:refreshEntries -    0 - 1.418 seconds
to process (0) entries of

INFO  2007-05-03 17:45:18,653 HibernatePlanetManagerImpl:refreshEntries -    10 - 2.593 seconds
to process (10) entries of

INFO  2007-05-03 17:45:18,654 HibernatePlanetManagerImpl:refreshEntries - --- DONE --- Refreshed
entries in 4.034 seconds

I get the NullPointerException about 20 times repeated over and over.  
The planet-cache directory does get updated with the new feed content, 
but my content on the front page never displays them.  My Weblog 
template for the frontpage looks like this:

                    #if (!$model.results)

                        ## 1) SITE-WIDE entries (the default)

                        #set($pager = $site.getWeblogEntriesPager($since, $maxResults))

                        ## 2) PLANET-entries

                        #set($pager = $planet.getAggregationPager($since, $maxResults))

                        ## The below pager code should work against either:

If I comment out the first set the page content is just blank, if I 
leave both then only the internal roller Entries are displayed.

I have a feeling there are 2 issues going on here, one with the 
NullPointer and the second with my template, neither of which are 
related.  Then again, who knows.  Any thoughts guys?

Thanks in advance

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