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From "Dave Johnson" <>
Subject Re: Links for all blogs on main page
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 15:18:20 GMT
On 7/4/06, Axelle Ziegler <> wrote:
> I don't know if this mailing-list is the proper place for this
> question, feel free to tell me if you think roller-dev would be more
> appropriate.
> I'd like to customize Roller's front page so that it is possible to
> display all blogs and not only the one that did get a hit on a given
> day. However there doesn't seem to be a function able to fetch the
> list of all weblogs of a site.
> Does it mean I need to change roller's code to do that, or am I
> missing something (I can see that it would not be very difficult to
> code, but I'd rather be sure that it's not already implemented
> before...)

Yes. To do that, you'd have change the JSP code that makes up the
Roller front-page and probably add some Java code to the corresponding
Struts actions.

But with Roller 3.0, you can do this fairly easily by customizing a
front-page blog. We have some macros for displaying blog and user
directories that might be useful too.

I hope to have an alpha-test-quality build of Roller 3.0 available for
testing and feedback this week.

- Dave

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