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From "Guy Katz" <>
Subject RE: comment authentication problems
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2006 06:52:34 GMT
Hi Dave;
Actually, it happens all the time with internet explorer 6.0.2800 (win
2000) & 6.0.2900 (win xp)
On firefox there seem to be no problem (FF with IE tab does have the
problem but that's obvious).

Usually the first comment I put is ok and then for the comments after
that you see the same mathematical problem but if you put the same
answer it is not correct. (As if the mathematical problem was actually
changed but not rendered back to the client).

I don't know how to enable JS console for IE (only FF) but I will do it
of you instruct me how to...

Thanks for your time and answer.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Johnson [] 
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2006 6:06 AM
Subject: Re: comment authentication problems

This problem was supposed to have been fixed in Roller 2.1:

We must have missed something.

What browser are you using?

Does this happen every time you leave a comment or is it intermittent?

Can you enable the JavaScript console and report back and errors that
occur when you load the comment page and post a comment?

- Dave

On 7/28/06, Guy Katz <> wrote:
> hi all; i am using roller 2.3,mysql,tomcat 5.5.17
> i am having some problems with comment authentication (using's
roller's default mechanism).
> it seems that the methematical question stays the same and when
writing the answer for the second time (second comment i want to add) it
states that the authentication failed.
> i can't state the exact scenario to duplicate this but it happens al
the time.
> any suggestions?
> thanks in advance.

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