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From Dave Johnson <>
Subject Re: Roller Research questions
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 14:38:20 GMT

Answers below...

On Jul 7, 2005, at 10:14 AM, Dennis Fung wrote:

> Dear Dave Johnson,
> Currently, the company that I'm working for is conducting a research
> on various blogging software available, and Roller is one of the top
> three that we have narrowed down to. If possible, can you please
> answer these questions to help us further in our research? Thanks.
> 1. Can posts be put in to a category? If so, can a post have multiple
> categories?

Yes. No.

> 2. Can the admin surpress/edit comments?

A blog owner can delete comments or mark them as spam so they are not 

> 3. Can the admin view activity logs of users?

No. But a weblog entry audit log is in the works for Roller 2.0/group 

> 4. Are multiple authors allowed per blog? If so, is there a maximum?

No, but we are working on this for Roller 2.0/group blogging. There 
will be no maximum.

> 5. What author permissions are available?

We are planning EDITOR, AUTHOR and LIMITED for Roller 2.0/group 

> 6. Can blogs be archived? If so, how is it archived? (daily, weekly,
> monthly, yearly, etc.)

All blog entries are stored in a database.

> 7. Which version of RSS is supported?

RSS 2.0 is supported (there are also templates for 0.91 and 1.0)

> 8. Is ATOM supported?

We have preliminary support for the Atom format and protocol, but Atom 
cannot truly be "supported" until the Atom specs are complete.

> 9. Is multi-language or special characters supported?


> 10. Is there any published API / Data Model for accessing content? If
> so, what are they?

MetaWeblog API
Blogger API

> 11. Can Roller integrate custom authentication?

We use Servlet Authentication, which allows pluggability.

> 12. Can the admin ban users? If so, by what? (IP Address, User name, 
> etc.)

An admin can disable a user -- they won't be able to login and their 
blog will not be displayed.

> 13. Do posts get a unique URL?


> 14. Is there a search function? If so, can it be integrated with
> Verity or Lucene?

Yes, Lucene is built in.

- Dave

> Thanks,
> Dennis Fung

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