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From Lance Lavandowska <>
Subject Re: Database
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 14:48:12 GMT
On 7/8/05, Vaneet Sharma <> wrote:

> I have a database that my application is already using . The database
> name is : theTest.  My application stores and uses users from this
> database.
> Q1) I want my application to use two databases ( Roller database and my
> database )  Is there anyway I can configure roller without changing its
> source code?

Yes and No. 

Yes:  Roller uses Servlet Authentication (also refered to as Container
Managed) - you would just need to configure Tomcat appropriately to
use your other database and table for authentication.

No: There are direct links from Roller's Website table to it's User
table.  You would need to alter the "new user" process to copy
information from your other database - or manage to link the two sets
of information in some manner.  Someone wrote an LDAP Authenticator at
one point, I believe it is in our JIRA issue tracker (try searching on

What you describe sounds much like SingleSignon - which Roller doesn't
currently support.  To my knowledge there is no current effort
underway either.


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