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From Dave <>
Subject Choosing a standard and a mobile theme
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 03:25:25 GMT
Hi Shelan,

Here's some feedback on the design for the new theme chooser page in
Roller, the one that allows you to pick a standard and a mobile theme.

This feedback is based on your blog post and the screenshot here:

I don't see how the design works. When you pick Shared or Custom
theme, which type of theme does the choice apply to?

It should be possible to pick either a Shared or Custom standard
theme, and a Shared or Custom mobile theme. I think a better design
would be to use two separate pages, one for the standard theme (as we
have now) and one for the mobile theme. Both pages would look similar
and would have two boxes at the top for choosing standard or mobile, a
chooser for selecting a theme and an Update Theme button.

For the stylesheet page, I think we can still use one page. You could
use a design similar to the new Edit Template page, with one tab for
the Standard part of the template and one for the Mobile part.

Does that make sense or am I missing something?


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