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From shelan Perera <>
Subject Re: Roller Mobile editing interface for bloggers [Proposal]
Date Sat, 26 Mar 2011 11:24:28 GMT
Hi Devs,

I was looking at the existing way of implementing new templates.Most of the
current implementation is focused on adding a new template to display the
articles and blog content (And also weblog related
data.)using velocity scripts. It does not provide the ability to change the
content editor interface.( Which includes adding new post , bookmark etc.)

As i understood the current implementation is /roller-ui/authoring/editors.
So i would like to know about the reusablilty of that for the HTML5 content
editor.Specially an API which i can access through HTML5 as it is used with
velocity scripts in the standard template implementation.Is the current
implementation support for a custom editor to reuse?


On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 11:12 PM, shelan Perera <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Sorry for being late in responding and i am back after my university
> exams.:)
>> The problem, I believe, is that Roller does provide a way for a theme
>> to detect that a request is coming from a mobile device and offer
>> small format pages. There are probably a variety of ways to address
>> this.
>> One way, for example, would be to allow a theme to offer small format
>> pages for the key theme "action" pages of Weblog, Entry, Day, Search
>> Index and Tags Index. Roller's request mapper would detect that a
>> theme comes from a small device and would call those pages instead of
>> the built in pages.
>> Another way would be to give themes a way to detect a mobile device
>> and a way to forward to mobile theme pages. If a theme can detect that
>> the request comes from a mobile device, it could use logic inside
>> pages to change the appearance of the theme.
>> I think I like the first idea better. What do others think? What's the
>> best way to handle mobile themes? Maybe we should look at Wordpress
>> and Drupal to see how they handle this.
>> Either way, it would be nice to offer users a way to opt for the
>> mobile or non-mobile theme. Sometimes users on mobile devices like to
>> use the full-size theme.
> I also agree with the option to let the user to choose the template.We need
> to check two things before we switch.
> 1)Is it a mobile browser agent 2)Is that browser html5 ready? (at least for
> the moment since some of the browsers does not provide full functionalities
> of html5.)
> In wordpress there are plugins which assist the task such as
> mobipress[1].In Joomla most of the template providers target IPhone and Ipod
> and offer a feature to admin so template render accordingly. Another thing i
> have seen on some mobile browsers is ,we can give the browser agent mode
> (Desktop / Mobile).So when mobile user agent is enabled at the browser
> option level it first check whether there is a mobile version available for
> the requested site.If so it will pick that.
> In roller there is a way to add templates.What would be the possible
> changes to the way it was done before.I feel that there is a requirement of
> a separate rendering module for this.But i will more in the code and try to
> understand how it behaves etc.
> Thanks
> [1]
>> Thanks,
>> - Dave
>> > In the mobile editing interface using html5 would be create , edit
>> drafts
>> > and posts would be implemented and would be designed for convenient
>> > experience.I have some understanding that it should be optimized for
>> user
>> > interactions with touch input.
>> >
>> > HTML has capabilities such as,
>> >
>> > Client side database , Application cache, Geo Location etc, Most of the
>> > features leverage its capability of offline features which could
>> > be beneficial vastly in Roller like blogger applications where users
>> tend to
>> > read , edit content.
>> >
>> > I would like to get some help , feedbacks and suggestions from the
>> community
>> > to nourish the idea and make it more useful for roller.
>> >
>> > Thank you
>> >
>> > --
>> > Shelan Perera
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> --
> Shelan Perera
> Home:
> Blog   :
> Twitter: shelan
> skype  :shelan.perera
> gtalk   :shelanrc
>  I am the master of my fate:
>  I am the captain of my soul.
>          *invictus*

Shelan Perera

Blog   :
Twitter: shelan
skype  :shelan.perera
gtalk   :shelanrc

 I am the master of my fate:
 I am the captain of my soul.

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