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From jason mayer <>
Subject Re: LDAP authentication and automation of user creation
Date Thu, 04 Feb 2010 18:03:47 GMT
I may be just failing to understand how to configure the security.xml
file.  I do not seem to be authenticating against LDAP at all.  I
realize that this is more of a spring question, but how do you specify
that you want to use LDAP instead of jdbc?  I'm currently not even
attempting to authenticate over LDAP - it's still hitting the database
for authentication.

In the security.xml file are two entries that I guess I don't fully understand.
<authentication-manager alias='authenticationManagerAlias'/>
<authentication-provider user-service-ref="rollerUserService"/>

I read some documentation on Spring-security 2.0,
but I'm afraid I don't understand why I am failing to authenticate via

I thought I could modify the authentication manager to specify the
ldapAuthProvider in the example security.xml file, but that didn't
seem to work.  Here's what I tried.
I commented out
<!--   <authentication-manager alias='authenticationManagerAlias'/>  -->
and added
<beans:bean id="authenticationManager"
  <beans:property name="providers">
      <beans:ref local="ldapAuthProvider"/>
      <beans:ref local="openIDAuthProvider"/>

I also tried at one point adding in things like this: (like in the
example documentation)
<ldap-server url="ldap://,dc=org" />
but there wasn't any change and so I took those out.  Before this week
I hadn't done anything with spring, so I apologize if this is a newbie
question.  I imagine (based on the roller dev archives) that this will
be a fairly popular question after the 5.0 release.  Well, thanks in
advance for any help you can offer.

On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 1:35 PM, Dave <> wrote:
> Yes to both questions. Externalized User Management is in trunk and I
> can help you get started with it by answering your questions (but as
> you've seen I can't guarantee quick response ;-)
> - Dave

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