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From Harald Wellmann <>
Subject Build, menu and media problems in trunk
Date Sun, 21 Feb 2010 10:55:15 GMT
I was curious to have a look at the new features in Roller 5.0 compared 
to 4.0.1, so I checked out from trunk (r912111) and gave it a try.

I used the Maven build, unpacked the binary assembly into my Tomcat 6. 
The build worked without problems and I could start Roller, but the menu 
tabs on the "Create Entry" were missing.

The reason is that the resources from the weblogger-web module do not 
get copied and packaged.

Some XML resources are stored in src/main/java and should be moved to 
src/main/resources. As a workaround, I simply told Maven to pick them up 
from the source folder by adding the following to the POM:


There is another build issue that Maven did not complain about, but 
Eclipse did when I loaded the project into a workspace:

The source file for org.apache.roller.weblogger.WebloggerException is 
stored in weblogger-business/src/main/java/org/, it should be moved to 

Finally, what is the status of media file management? Is this sort of 
complete and only currently broken or are there major gaps?

At any rate, it does not seem to work at the moment. 
MediaFileImageChooser.jsp has missing closing braces on 
%{#mediaFile.permalink} and %{#mediaFile.thumbnailURL}. Unfortunately, 
after adding the braces, things are still broken.

The Media File Chooser displays a box with an image name, but no image 
thumbnail. After choosing an image, the URL inserted into the weblog 
entry is incorrect:




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