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From "Matt Raible" <>
Subject Re: unzip and run
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2008 00:42:03 GMT
On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 6:22 PM, Java Web Development
<> wrote:
> That seems like a good idea but I have some concerns. Primarily because the
> roller-webapp.war file is already 25M (mostly because of the 3rd party jars)
> and adding the server on top of that might turn some people off.
> I feel there are three main types of users to target. Those that want to
> simply use roller for a blog, those that want to setup a blog site and those
> that want to extend roller.
> For those that want to evaluate it for use the simplest thing would be to
> point them to jroller and have them create a free account.
> For those that want to view the maintenance side of things maybe apache can
> host a demo site so people can play around with configuring weblogger and
> planet. Then every night clean the slate.
> For those that want to extend roller I think it would be nice to split up
> roller up into 3 projects and a 3rd party library folder that can easily be
> integrated into Netbeans and Eclipse. I haven't used Eclipse for a couple of
> years so I'll give the Netbeans example.
>  * A lib directory for all the 3rd party jars
>  * A Java Library Project for classes common to
>   both weblogger and planet
>  * A Web Project for weblogger that pulls in the
>   3rd party jars it needs from the lib folder and
>   is dependant on the common Java Library Project
>  * A Web Project for planet that pulls in jars and
>   depends on the library project as well.
> Since both Sun and IBM use roller maybe they can get their IDE people to
> help do this? I started out developing java in notepad and vi and other text
> editors but ever since NB 5 I can't see going back. When I need to I can
> still run the nb ant scripts from the command line.
> In the case of the problem I was having, I googled for over an hour trying
> to understand Roller's architecture to see what classes process the request
> before it gets to CommentServlet and came up empty. After figuring out how
> to properly attach the debugger it took a minute to find out that
> WeblogRequestMapper was where I was hitting a problem.
> NetBeans does a superb job at giving developers a single install that gets
> them up and running developing webapps quickly. Rather than trying to
> replicate that just for roller, integrate roller better in Netbeans (and
> Eclipse) for those that want to make enhancements.
> I'm not sure what Roller offers that Word Press doesn't, but I can think of
> a lot of stuff in WordPress that would make me favor it over Roller. The big
> draw for me is that it's written in Java and I'm looking into starting a
> project that includes blogs that will be written in Java/JSP. I think that
> most people that choose Roller for the same reasons and the easier it is to
> get started developing Roller the better.

The good news is Roller offers something that WordPress doesn't: Security


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> From: Jeffrey Blattman []
> Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 12:38 PM
> To:
> Subject: unzip and run
> would it make sense to have a roller+[tomcat|glassfish|...] unzip and
> run bundle available on the download site? this seems to be the way
> things are going ... for eval purposes anyway.
> i was able to create a roller deploy-and-go WAR pretty easily from
> the 5-min install. then we could of course create a unzip and run by
> bundling roller and the web container, w/ roller.war in the
> container's autodeploy folder.
> thoughts?


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