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From "Pavel Konnikov" <>
Subject Re: roller photogallery
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 09:27:02 GMT
On Sat, 29 Mar 2008 08:17:28 +0300, Harsha Halgaswatta  
<> wrote:

> Dear all
> I am a level 3 Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate at  
> University
> of Moratuwa,Sri Lanka.Currently i have almost finished implementing  a
> member section at E-channelling (pvt) Ltd which is the market leader of
> health care system upon online channel booking system and first listed
> company in Colombo stock exchange.I developed  this project from the  
> scratch
> using STRUTS2 web framework.I am now fairly familiar those areas
> passionating specially on JAVA.
> I am interested in collaborating on apache roller photogallery.I have  
> listed up my idea below
> Pl comment on that weather my intention is true as expected.
> As it is just lacking a photo and file uploading mechanism in roller blog
> server, it would be better to have efficient mechanism to upload  photos  
> and files. The cream of  having such a mechanism in point of roller view  
> is it would support the roller users(web logger users ) in a convenient  
> and
> interesting  way than it is used to be as playing with images , photos  
> ,and documents may inspire the user.
Imho, "playing with images, photos, and documents" is not primary goal for
rollers file upload service.
Usability of uploaded files management process is the most important

> The intention of this project is to create such a attractive interface  
> for uploading images while browsing, searching uploaded files.
If this project intend to be a part of GSoC, see:

> Further it would allow any images to be changed, resized , edit etc.
Roller is a blog. It is not graphical editor!

> The top most interface of this photogallery should be attractive covering
> primary functionalities (uploading photos , images ,files ,etc) and  
> browsing or searching  those previously uploaded stuff*. *This interface  
> also supply the images with resizing facility or editing facility while  
> allowing pre
> stored images view in thumbnail mode.
What difference between "images" and "photos"?

>             I am really passionate with struts2 framework, So I hope it
> would not be difficult for me to integrate my logics with the server side
> implementation  after extracting  the flavour of Roller's Struts 2 action
> infrastructure.
> Regards
> hala

Best regards. Pavel Konnikov

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