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From Dave <>
Subject Re: roller-mobile
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 21:05:45 GMT
On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 2:07 AM, Kirill Kosinov
<> wrote:
> Good night, or good day everyone.
>  I'm student and I have red a lot about gsoc. During my education i
>  worked on some projects (for money and experience):,
>, I am also scjp. It's not my own projects, I was a part of
>  team.
>  I have experience is struts (1 -2),  spring, brief knowledge of
>  velocity. I wrote small projects is j2me.
>  I'm interested in roller-mobile task. It's new for me, and idea is great
>  to write a good mind into blog while being in a subway. Unfortunately
>  <,,;L0B;3;0;1;0;8;9>
>  I haven't much experience in mobile applications, also I haven't iPhone,
>  Аpple has nice sdk, but it is for Mac Os only. Google android has free
>  sdk and I can develop web ui for this if possible. What about iPhone I
>  see only one solution at this moment: to test an application using
> site, it requires a web java hosting, but I think that
>  I can ask it in our university.
>  So, want to use android sdk for testing in the beginning, then if all
>  will be good  I can use It is appropriate? I ask you
>  about it because of this project is connected with testing on mobile
>  devices and my sony erricson is rather old for this :-). It makes no
>  nevermind, if I test it on emulators?

I'm fine with just about any approach, iPhone, Android, JavaME and
that's why I left the project so open ended. But, you should
definitely use a technology that we test even if we don't have the
specific device(s) you are targetting.

- Dave
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