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From Dave <>
Subject Re: roller-openid
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2008 19:08:56 GMT
On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 2:53 PM, Tharindu Mathew <> wrote:
> Is there another implementation that is similar to this. Maybe info card
>  support. THat I can take a llok to figure out how all the technologies you
>  have mentioned fit together, and to get an idea to document the
>  requirements?

Hmm... perhaps you could look at how Wordpress impements OpenID.

Here are some more ideas:

There are two parts of this project. You could do one or both of them
as both are valuable. But, once you've done one the other might be
trivially easy. First, there's OpenID for user accounts. Second, there
is OpenID for commenters. I'll cover each.

* OpenID for Roller user accounts

The idea here is to allow users to either register for an account on a
Roller server using their existing OpenID account and, if possible,
allow existing Roller users to switch over to using OpenID for logging
in. There are at least two approaches to this problem:

1 - Roller uses Spring Acegi for user authentication and Acegi
supports Open ID. This approach might be as easy as adding the Aceigy
OpenID module, tweaking the Acegi security.xml file and doing some
small code changes to Roller to make OpenID easy to enable via
Roller's configuration system and easy to use via Roller's login page.

2 - In Roller's trunk (i.e. the code for the next release) we have
made it easier for Roller to use standard Java EE Container Managed
Authentication (CMA) for user login. CMA means the app server is
responsible for authentication so folks would have to use an app
server with OpenID support (possibly by using OpenSSO.

Approach #1 is probably best, but your changes should not preclude option #2.

* OpenID for comments

Once you've got user accounts using OpenID, you might find this to be
easy. It might involve adding a new role to Roller (we now have
"admin" and "editor", you'd need to add "user" or "commenter"). You'll
probably also have to modify the CommentServlet, which accepts comment
posts and weblog.vm which defines the HTML that is generated in the
comment form.

I'm guessing at a lot of this. You'll have to help figure out the
right path, with the assistance of your mentor (most likely, yours

- Dave

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