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From Story Henry <>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code ideas for Roller?
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 22:48:55 GMT
Good idea Ian.

I would add to this the following reading from the distributed  
information group at MIT, where they show how open social networks  
using foaf and openid can work together to create a distributed and  
evolving web of trust

the idea is to crawl foaf files from certain people (those that have  
an account perhaps), extract the people who have openid, and give them  
priviledged access.

read the article for a good implementation idea. I think doing this  
should be both easy and a good way to get a little practical semantic  
web experience. I'd be happy to help out.


On 13 Mar 2008, at 19:37, Ian Kallen wrote:

> Hey Dave,
> Here's my list:
> 1. OpenID (identity provider and relying party) and perhaps infocard  
> support so that roller installations don't necessarily have to be ID  
> silos in the absence of any enterprise ID system integration (LDAP,  
> yadda yadda)
> 2. As Sean and Allen said, theme migration is huge, in general data  
> migration competitive-upgrade tools would also be slick (in general,  
> a tool that uses metaWeblog and APP to smoothly migrate between  
> blogging platforms would be a huge contribution to the blogging  
> ecosystem)
> 3. Small device admin interfaces, Mashable just had nice coverage of  
> blogging from your phone 
>  ... looked great but no roller
> best,
> -Ian
> Dave had written and probably intended:
>> Apache Software Foundation is participating in Google Summer of Code
>> program as a mentoring organization.
>> The March 17th deadline is coming up fast. Any ideas for interesting
>> Roller development? I've got a couple and I'll outline them here on
>> the list by this weekend.
>> - Dave
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