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From Allen Gilliland <>
Subject ready to switch to struts2?
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 18:23:07 GMT
As I said in my last email I am feeling fairly close to being done with 
the struts2 migration work, at least the initial part of getting all the 
actions rewritten and working via struts2.  So if nobody objects I'd 
like to commit the final changes which effectively makes struts2 the 
default interface.

I want to get this going now so that people start using it and can help 
me find what bugs have been introduced via the migration since I 
definitely won't be able to find them all myself.  The old struts1 code 
will still be left in place and unaltered, so there really isn't much 
work to switch back and forth if we needed to.

So is everyone ready to switch to Struts2?

-- Allen

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