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From "Matt Raible" <>
Subject Re: SpikeSource's Web 2.0 Offering
Date Mon, 13 Nov 2006 20:19:24 GMT
On 11/10/06, Dave <> wrote:
> On 11/9/06, Matt Raible <> wrote:
> > Maybe we should so something similar for Roller?
> >
> >
> Yes, that is a very interesting announcement.
> > Roller + Planet + VMWare image?
> >
> > I have an Ubuntu VMWare image I could pre-install on Roller on.  Then
> > we could get it uploaded to the "Virtual Appliance Marketplace".
> >
> >
> >
> > Just a thought...
> That's a cool idea. I'm very interested in making it easier for people
> to try Roller and to install Roller for production use. So far, my
> approach has been to bundle Roller with an app server, database and
> wiki server -- that's what I call the Blogapps Server bundle in my
> book. It's good for folks trying Roller, but it's not good for
> production use because most folks want to install into their own app
> server, HSQLDB is not regarded as a production database and I don't
> provide any instructions or support for upgrading a Blogapps Server.
> I guess a VMWare image  could be even easier, especially now that the
> player is free. But it seems like a "demo" idea and not something that
> works for production -- or am I missing something.

The whole virtualization thing and hype around it is because companies
have so many servers and other machines with idle CPU processes.  With
VMWare Server, you can configure a 2nd (or even 3rd and 4th) operating
system to startup when your normal OS starts up.  You don't even need
a 2nd Network Card, it'll get its own IP and everything.

I don't know if folks would use such an "image" for production, but
they could very easily do so. We could even do a Solaris-based version
and it should work.


> - Dave


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