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From "Dave Johnson" <>
Subject Re: Styled RSS/Atom feeds in Roller 3.0 and a question about defaults
Date Tue, 25 Jul 2006 23:49:35 GMT
On 7/25/06, Allen Gilliland <> wrote:
> I agree with both points, they should optional, and the default should
> be enabled.
> However, you didn't really elaborate on what you meant by optional.  I
> think that they should be optional both globally and at the weblog
> level, and i believe that individual weblog owners should have the
> ability to modify their stylesheet.
> I think you should also put them in a different location, since we have
> basically EOLed that old /theme/* directory now.  Somewhere under
> /roller-ui/ would be better.
> And I think it would be nice if it was just a pure .xsl file, rather
> than adding logic to it and making it a jsp.  Maybe each theme should
> maintain it's own xsl file?

Those are all good ideas but I think what we have not works fine, is a
great improvement over what we had before and doesn't lock us into
anything that we can't very easily change in a future release.

Any additional functionality (e.g. making style sheets optional at
both weblog or site level, allowing custom per-weblog XSL transforms,
etc.) are nice RFEs but are not required for 3.0.

I think we should should make style-sheets a site-wide option and
default it to ON. In a later release we can start getting fancy and
allowing users better control over their feeds.

- Dave

> -- Allen
> Dave Johnson wrote:
> > The problem and solution
> >
> > In Roller 2.X and earlier, it's not obvious how to use the newsfeed
> > links that appear in most every blog. If you click on a link with one
> > of the commonly used browsers (IE6 and Firefox), you get a download
> > window -- not exactly a good user experience.
> >
> > With Roller 3.0, we're adding styled feeds. That means that, when you
> > click on a feed URL with your browser, you'll see a nice friendly HTML
> > page that tells you how to subscribe to the feed and lists the feed's
> > latest entries -- see the attached image for an example.
> >
> > How it's done
> >
> > When a feed request comes in from a browser (we use user-agent and
> > accepts headers to determine this), serve the feed with content type
> > "text/html" so that the browser will load it. All feeds now include an
> > XSL style-sheet that transforms the feed into the HTML you see in the
> > browser. And by the way, with IE7, which has it's own built-in feed
> > styler, the style-sheet is ignored.
> >
> > When a newsfeed reader accesses the same URL, it gets the feed XML
> > (served with the right content-type application/atom+xml or
> > application/rss+xml) and the stylesheet is ignored.
> >
> > The question
> >
> > The question is this: should styled-feeds be optional or always on
> > and, if it's optional should styled feeds default to on or off?
> >
> > My opinion is that they should be optional and they should default to
> > ON because good user experience should be the default.
> >
> > - Dave

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